Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Blob 3: Out of the....

Here's entry number 3 in the saga. This one's a little meatier than the others, but I attribute that to the series getting better.

Initially, I envisioned this character as a merry prankster, but over time, the Blob had developed into something more benevolent. I went heavy on that theme in this entry and I'm going to keep it going, because the result has been much more satisfying so far. 

If you read this, please leave comments. I'd like to know what the followers of the series think. 

The Blob 3: Out of the....

By Bigmouthstrikes 

The Blob had had a fun night playing with red, and a fun morning playing with yellow. But looking around, it still wasn't finding what it truly wanted in this world: natural color. Sure, it could go around and help people. Recolor the world. But the world was so large, and it was just one Blob! There had to be some naturally occurring liveliness somewhere, without its help.
      A good place to start looking for such life, it figured, would be where its younger forms existed. It had just turned an older mother into a teenage girl younger than her own daughter using yellow, and safely assumed that they'd be heading where the young people where. So as they climbed into an SUV to drive to school, it followed them, hiding in the back as they rode. Lisa was obviously in shock at her mother's change, and complained the whole way, but as it felt the vehicle stopped, The Blob could tell that she was starting to settle into the altered reality herself. The SUV pulled to a stop and The Blob oozed out of the back onto the ground behind it. It looked around. It hoped it could find what it was looking for here, but if it couldn't it had to have a contingency plan.
      It had to have a color.
      It didn't take long for it to spot one. A car pulled into a parking space. It looked like a flashy cross between a sports car and a station wagon. And it was bright, shiny, beautiful blue! The Blob, totally forgetting its purpose for coming here, rolled toward it, impressed before touching the car. The color on its bumper drained out into the blob, turning it a bright blue. As the door opened, the Blob ducked under the car. This color had so much potential. So many things could be done with it. Now all it needed was a target, and it only seemed right to make the owner match the car.
      He watched as a teenage girl got out. She looked a bit trashy.  She was a beautiful girl, The Blob thought, as it looked her over. She wore a mini-skirt to show off her long legs and shapely butt, and a push-up bra under a cutoff t-shirt riding up her midriff that enhanced her beautiful bosom. She had long, hair that had been bleached into a bright blonde though it was clear this wasn't her natural color. It hung wild, fluffed and teased, to her shoulders. Her skin was the kind of bronze that only issued from a sprayer, and she wore a pair of heels totally impractical for the school setting she was about to enter.
      The Blob watched her and reflected on the color it was now painted. This blue, and this shade of it, was practical. Smart. Modest. None of the qualities that could be attributed to the girl in front of him.
      Well, there was only one cure for that...
      Outside the car...
      Eighteen year old Ashley adjusted her skirt as she got out of the car. It rode really high on her thighs, which was good, but she was about to go throw herself on the sword of mercy, so at least for the moment she had to pretend to give a damn about the school dress code.
      "Such a drag" she thought to herself.
      The truth is that she didn't want to come back to school at all. Like, ever. Books and schoolwork just weren't her thing. So boring. What she really liked was boys, partying, shopping and boys. In fact, she'd just slept with one of her favorite boys. Skipped class all morning to, even. It'd probably hurt her grades, or whatever. Tthey were so low that it didn't matter anyway.
      She didn't get it, she thought as she walked toward the school. She had a job. She made enough money to buy all the things she wanted. Her parents were all mean about it; like it was important for her to go and fail, but bad if she was happy. It's not like they were happy working in those jobs they hated. That totally wasn't her scene. She got the to large, glass double doors at the school's entrance and stopped.
      "Do I really have to do this?" She asked herself as she pulled out a cigarette.
      She'd just pulled up the lighter to light the flame when a splash of blue...something...doused her.
      Before she had time to react, she started changing. She let out a gasp, watching in horror as her faux bronze tan lightened and drained, leaving her natural peaches and cream complexion in its place. Her bright red nails shrank down to a short, evenly trimmed size as their color faded away. She shifted her gaze further downward to find that the red tartan miniskirt she had been wearing had grown longer, now stopping an inch above her knees, and had changed color to a dark blue plaid as it went. She found herself stumbling slightly as her shoes flattened out leaving a sensible pair of flat, blue Mary-Janes where tall, 4 inch heels used to be. She could see and feel white cotton socks climb up her shin, stopping halfway up as they became adorned with a blue stripe at the top.
      Fearing what was next, Ashely spun around to see her reflection in the glass door. She watched, horror struck, as the t-shirt exposing her flat stomach grew and changed. Sleeves grew out of it and stretched all the way to her wrists. It began to split in the middle as a row of buttons appeared on it, and her push up bra underneath transformed itself into something much more practical. The shirt shifted to a light blue color as it completed its transformation into a tight dress shirt that hugged her figure, but covered it at the same time. She yelped in surprise as a dark blue sweater vest wound around her waist and against her breast, clinging tightly to her curves. Her sleeves rolled up to her elbows, giving her clothing a sophisticated look. Her purse expanded into a bookbag that filled with both textbooks and casual reading material.
      Ashley looked on in awe as the changes moved up her neck. At first, it appeared that her hair was lengthening, but as she grabbed a handful of it to watch, she saw that it was just straitening. Free of the sprays, curling and mussing she put it through, it hung to her waist in a strait, silky sheet. The blond color she'd bleached it to faded away, leaving her natural light brown in its place. She tried in vain to hold it down as it took on a life of its own, piling into a bun on the top of her head. Her bangs fell neatly to both sides of her head to frame her pretty face. Finally, her makeup soften. Bright red lipstick became a sensible pink and her blush and mascara faded. In one final change, the pink, gaudy earings she had been wearing shrunk into stylish topaz studs.
      Ashley stared at her reflection. She could tell the girl staring back at her was herself even if she was radically different in appearance. She looked very pretty this way. Sexy even, although in a much classier way. As she stared at this strange version of herself, the changes flooded into her brain. Her interests and priorities shifted. She felt a foreign sensation well in her mind. It was a feeling that she was worth more than what she'd been giving herself out for. She felt a sense of pride and self confidence that had been absent before, and found that the satisfaction this gave her was much more potent that what she'd found being simply an object of lust. New intelligence filled her mind as she grew smarter and more knowledgeable. In seconds, the years of learning she had neglected came to her in a wave along with a torrent of new memories. She hadn't skipped school to sleep with some guy. She'd been at a seminar for aspiring Ivy League students. She was no longer a flunking student who angered her parents; she was a strait A student who made them proud. And while their numbers had been greatly reduced, there were still boys. Rather than those which treated her as the object, or a quick fix to a primal desire, these boys were smart, intellectual equals to her who respected and fulfilled her. She now found that getting the boys she wanted was a matter of impressing them with her character and not simply throwing herself at them.
      She looked at her reflection once more as her new reality set in. She remembered her old life as well as her new one. She had only changed perspective, not personality. As she took one last look at the beautiful girl before her, she smiled. She had a new, more fulfilling life now and a brilliant new intellect with which to live it. She went inside, now to check back in as an honors student instead of to beg for her school's mercy.
      The blob smiled as he watched the girl go. He'd taken a dimwitted, shallow person and turned her into something much more satisfying for both herself and the rest of the world. She fit the intelligent, conservative color well now. But as it crept around the wall of the building, slinking as low as it could, it realized that there was more to it than those qualities. It just couldn't quite think of what else to do with it. This color had so much potential. It was diverse.
      The blob continued to wrack its mind, trying to come up with how to utilized this beautiful color it now represented. But as it slunk along the side of the building, something caught its attention. Outside of the school building, there appeared to be something of an altercation going on. More accurately, an angry teenage girl was laying into a boy her age. She was an unpleasant looking girl that looked entirely too thin for her own good. She had short, black, oily hair with red coloring in it and was clad in black clothing and makeup. Aggressive, dangerous looking spikes stood out of the bracelets on her wrists. She was clad in long, baggy black pants with various metal hoops on them, and a ratty black shirt. Fishnets covered her arms, and combat boots her feet. Her unusually pale, but not at all unattractive face was contorted in a look of rage as she yelled.
      The boy, on the other hand, was rather normal looking. He was a little short for his age, and had brown, shaggy hair. He wore a striped, button up shirt and a pair of blue jeans. He looked rather exasperated. This looked like just the kind of situation the Blob needed to step into, and as it watched, it gained a few ideas about how it was going to do it.
      Stan stood, letting Jess's words wash over him. He knew this had been a mistake. He'd just wanted to talk to her. It wasn't like it was a huge imposition or anything. He was just a nice guy, trying...
      "Stan? Hello!" She snapped. "Are you fucking listening to me? Jesus, first you show up telling me who the fuck I should hang out with and then you just stare off. You're such an asshole!"
      Stan sighed, "Jess, I'm just worried about..."
      "Fuck you!" She yelled. "I'm 18 years old. Stop treating me like I'm your little fucking sister!"
      Stan groaned. This wasn't supposed to be so hard. You'd think after 8 years growing up with her and two years dating her, she'd have a little respect for his opinions. She was easier to deal with back then, when they were both 14. She'd been his first girlfriend and his first love. In a lot of ways, he still felt that way about her, but the angry, swearing, sickly looking girl in front of him was not that which he'd fallen in love with.
      "Jess, please." He said softly. "Can't you see what's happening to you. Your grades, your friends. Even your body..."
      "Mind your own goddamn business." She replied angrily, rather than refuting him.
      This conversation was an unpleasant one, but it needed to happen. They split up at 16 when he had to move away. By the time he moved back two years later, he found that Jess had become a different person. Gone was the innocent, feminine girl he'd left behind. She had that new boyfriend who'd gotten her in with some obviously bad people. She'd started failing classes, she'd been got caught stealing, and now the drugs she was on had taken such a toll that she didn't even look healthy anymore. He cared way too much about her to just let her waste away like this.
      Before he could go on, something caught Stan's eye. It was a flash of blue. Almost like a bucket of paint had been thrown on her. She went silent just as she opened her mouth to say something else. Jess's clothes began to change color and alter. Her black bondage pants fused with the shirt she was wearing. As they did, both began to lighten into a bright blue. The pants shrank up her legs and stopped about halfway up her thigh before melting into a skirt. Her bulky combat boots changed next, forming into a pair of blue slip on shoes. The shirt's sleeves shrunk into the shoulders leaving two straps the connected the front of the garment to the back. Buttons formed up the front of the now dress as it gained thin white stripes throughout it. Its neckline sunk low. Her spiked bracelets changed, forming a blue band watch on her left arm and a bracelet on her right that had blue glass beads linked together with silver.
      Jess, for her part, seemed to be in another world as the changes spread beyond her clothes. Astonished, Stan watched as her body changed to fit them. She gained a slight bit of weight taking her from sickly thin to normal, for a girl her age and size. Her legs grew shapely while her butt became round and heart shaped. Her bony arms became much healthier looking. Ashley's breasts, which had never been very large to begin with, swelled to a large D to fill the dress, leaving her new cleavage on display. Her skin darkened into a healthy tan. Her face grew softer, both in appearance and expression as the multiple piercings in her lips, ears and nose disappeared. Her greasy hair cleaned itself, ridding the die that had been put in it. Then it grew into luxurious, dark waves that hung down to her shoulders. As the changes completed, her eyes turned a bright, crystal blue and the choker on her neck became a thin, silver chain with a blue heart pendant that dangled just above her new cleavage.
      "J-jess..." Stan stuttered at the girl in front of him.
      A tear formed in her blue eyes as she smiled. "Stan...I'm so sorry!"
      She pulled him into a firm embrace and as she did, new thoughts came to him. He knew now that he'd never left, and she'd never split from him. Her mistakes had been erased and her dark past replaced by one in which she had never used, never faltered and had stayed strait. Innately, as she embraced him, he knew that her violent temper had been eradicated and her demeanor had become much more calm. He pulled her tight, the flame having been lit between the two of them once more. He looked over her shoulder and saw the Blob sliding away, and it turned to him and nodded. Stan just stood and watched, thankful for what it had done.
      The blob crawled away, feeling good about the transformation it had caused. This time, he'd used to the color to transform a messed up, angry, train wreck of a girl into something much more balanced. Moderation, calm, serenity...these were all traits of this color as well, and now Jess was the perfect representation of them. But it still felt like there was more that could be done with it.
      As it rolled along, it spotted its next hunting ground. Outside stood a large group of students. They were all dressed in athletic gear. Some where boys, some where girls. Some where in shape and some where not. There were a couple of adults on the side that appeared to supervising the whole thing. It didn't know what was going, but this looked like it had some promise.
      As it lurched along the side of a blue shed, another of the students caught its eye. This one was separate from the others. He sat up the bleachers overlooking the ones dressed athletically. He was alone. As the Blob moved closer, it could see that he was a rather large, fat boy. He wore an over sized black hoodie and jeans. He had a scraggly beard, short, spiky hair. As he sat, he coughed. This was not a healthy looking boy. The Blob could tell that he seemed depressed. Perhaps there was something that could be done about this.
      On the bleachers...
      Joey sat on the on the bleachers overlooking his gym class. He'd heard from his friends that they were playing soccer in PE today, so he decided to take a no dress. Forgot his gym clothes, he told his teacher. That wasn't true, obviously; they were in his locker. But without breaking into it, they couldn't  possibly know that.
      Soccer. Ugh.
      An hour of soccer meant an hour of him standing around the field watching everyone run around him. It meant catching crap from every asshole jock who didn't think he was doing well enough. It meant teasing, and bullying and the general stuff he had to put up with anyway. Screw that. Easier to take a no dress.
      Still, he regretted having to do it. He always did, and it always bummed him out. He watched the others have fun and wished he could be a part of it. But he weighed 258 pounds, and that meant that he just couldn't do certain things like sports, or PE. Or dating. That was apparently was on the list somewhere. It was why he was sick with something almost all the time, and why he'd become something of a loner. He hated it so much.
      Out of nowhere, Blue flooding his vision and he felt something wet splash him. He made a grab for it only to find that whatever it was had already gone. He also felt his clothes changing around him. They became lighter and less cumbersome, as if they were made from a lighter material. As he looked down in surprise, he found that they were. The sleeves of his black hoodie melted away, revealing smooth, slender arms. He gasped as it turned blue and light, taking the form of a jersey.
      As he sprung from his seat, he felt air on his legs. Looking down, he found that they actually seemed longer, and now, rather than clad in his baggy blue jeans, they were in a tight pair of running shorts. They were long, firm, shapely and hairless. Woman's legs, he noted in shock. Though they were feminine, and attractive, they were also quite toned and several shades darker than his usual pasty white skin tone. His shoes had transformed into blue running shoes that housed much smaller feet. As tiny blue running shorts materialized on his hips, he felt his large, fat ass shrink down into a firm, pert, feminine rear. He let out a gasp as he felt his manhood slip into his body and rearrange into something much less familiar.
      Joey's attention was drawn away from his, or her now, he supposed, lower body to her upper one. Before her eyes, her large gut that hung comically over his new feminine legs shrank, sucking into a flat, toned tummy. His waist tapered inward, giving her form a slight hourglass shape. The large fatty chest she had been ridiculed so much for as a boy shrunk down. It finally stopped before it could vanish completely, leaving her with Pert B-cup breasts that became wrapped in a sports bra underneath her blue jersey. The jersey tied itself into a knot, exposing her toned midsection.
      Though she couldn't see her face, she could feel it changing. It became thinner and less round. It gained high cheekbones and soft lips. The facial hair shrunk away and disappeared. Lastly, her hair grew down to her shoulder blades, keeping its dirty blond color. A scrunchy appeared in it as it formed into a ponytail. In mere seconds, she had gone from a fat ugly boy who stood 5'5 to a beautiful athletic girl that stood 5'10.
      Just when she thought it had ended, a tingle ran through Joey's brain. For the most part, her mind stayed as it was. She felt more like she was being shown an alternative history than being totally rewritten; a "what if" of sorts exploring her life as a tomboyish girl rather than a lazy boy. As new memories surface and replaced the old ones, she knew that she still hung out with the nerdy guys. She wasn't a very feminine girl, and ass hugging running shorts and jerseys were about the most flesh she ever showed the world. She was a very attractive young woman, but that was mostly due to the fantastic shape she kept herself in. Her name hadn't changed, though she frequently went by Jo now, for short.
      As her new memories bubbled, she realized this life wasn't without its complications either. She now had competitions to think about and sports to make time for. Instead of being teased for being fat, the new Joey faced scorn for her tomboy lifestyle and was frequently accused of being a "dyke". The accusation wasn't entirely wrong, she discovered as new thoughts continued to fill her head. She was dating a cheerleader in secret who was not entirely comfortable with the idea that she might be a lesbian. That situations had its own headaches attached. But as she thought of her life as a boy, she decided that she wasn't unhappy with her new self. Quite the opposite, in fact, the second chance she'd just received made her quite happy.
      "Joey!" The gym teacher called out to her, "You gonna play soccer with us?"
      "Sure." She called back. "Just taking a breather after a run."
      "Atta girl." He called back. "Get down here."
      Joey jogged down the steps of the bleachers, content with her new life and suddenly completely unconcerned about how all of this had happened.
      The Blob once again admired his work as it slid away. This was a strong, healthy color. It made sense to make the weak, sickly boy into something stronger and healthier. It had also given the new girl a greater strength of character, and a confident air to match her new physical ability.
      These qualities, particularly the strength and confidence that the Blob felt this color embodied, fit well with another feeling it had about it. This color, and particularly a brighter shade of it, was very cheerful and refreshing. In that sense, it was youthful. The problem was that, being at a high school, almost everyone it had encountered so far was already youthful. Perhaps if it got inside of the building it could find someone older to bring youth to.
      As it reached the building, it peered in a window. Sure enough, there was an older woman standing speaking to a large group of students sitting at desks. But that would be too risky. It couldn't just transform someone in front of such a large audience. So it slunk onward.
      After a short time, the Blob came upon a man. He was sitting outside of the building, head in hands. He was an older gentleman, wearing dress shoes, khaki pants and a white button-down shirt with a cheap tie. Clearly, he was a teacher of some kind. He sat on the ground, his balding head buried in his hands. He looked so sad, this man. The blob observed him and knew that this was the target he'd been looking for.
      25 years. 25 long, hard years Mike had put into this school. All for nothing. He had no idea what he was going to do; especially since his wife had left him, teaching and coaching was his life. And now it was gone.
      It was true, he thought, that it'd been a while since he'd lead a winning team. But that wasn't his fault. He did the best he could with the boys he got for baseball and the girls he got for volleyball. But they weren't winners. There were just dry years sometimes. But apparently a few tough years was all it took for them to label you a useless coach, he thought with disgust. And apparently coaching was more important to this school than teaching. "Nobody needs woodshop" they said. "We can outsource your auto-repair classes" they told him. The way they talked it was for the good of the school that they were taking his classes away; like it would somehow do more good for his students to be in classes like physics and English lit that they'd fail than making good grades in shop.
      But none of that mattered now. The big shots that ran this dump had already decided that his position was redundant. After 25 years, budget cuts had forced him out of a job and without anything more than a loosing record and a bunch of expendable classes to his name, there was nothing he could do about it. He didn't even put up a fight. It was like loosing his wife all over again. He could have fought for it, but instead he just gave up and walked away. He wanted badly to go back in and let them all have a piece of his mind, but he knew he was too chicken-shit to do it. So here he was: 54 years old, unemployed and divorced. What the hell was he going to do now?
      His thought process was interrupted by the cold splash of something. Soaked, he stood up, prepared to tear a new asshole into whatever punk kid had just thrown water on him. But as he stood, he suddenly realized two things. First, that there wasn't anyone there, and second, that the world around him was getting a lot bigger.
      At 6'5, Mike was used to towering over everything around him. But as he stood, he suddenly found that the world was a much bigger place. His height continued to tumble until he stood at a mere 5'4. He watched as spots from age started to disappear, and his skin became young and firm. He shrank down in age, stopping at 18 and he could feel his black hair regain its color and fill his head out once again. As this was happening, the rest of his body, and his clothing along with it, started to change. First, his shoes shifted into blue canvas tennies and his socks disappeared altogether. He found that while he was shrinking, his legs were growing in proportion to his body. They became long, hairless and slender. His pants, which he'd been holding up, shrank with them as they formed into a cutoff blue jean skirt that was definitely too short for this school's dress code. It was made worse as his butt rounded into perky bubble and pushed it up even further. In one odd sensation, that organ which made him a man was pulled into his body.
      Under her shirt, she could feel even more shifting. The beer gut Mike had acquired in the years since his divorce slimmed out and pulled into a thin, shapely waist. Her chest swelled and swelled leaving two very large mounds pushing against her dress shirt. Her arms disappeared into its sleeves as they became small and feminine. She felt a slight tug on her fingertips as her nails grew out a bit. Finally, her shirt started to change. The sleeves slithered up her arms before retreating into the shoulders and disappearing completely. The shoulders themselves shrank into straps. The shirt became one piece as the buttons fused together. It changed into cotton and turned from stark white into a vibrant neon blue as its neckline plunged to reveal two C-cup breasts that hung quite large on her new frame. The soft material of the girl's new tank-top clung to her curves, showing to her the extent of the changes. She had a tight, shapely figure with a pronounced chest.
      Mike's head felt the last of the changes as her young, chiseled male face softened into a sexy feminine one. She started absently wandering toward the front end of the school building as her changes completed themselves. Mike's gold watch transformed into a blue sweatband adorned with a yellow star. A set of blue, thin, plastic bracelets formed on his opposite wrist, and her fingernails painted themselves an electric blue. As she reached the parking lot, her hair grew out, blowing behind her. It stretched until it brushed the very top of her curvy ass in perfectly strait and silky strands. Just as Mike's hair finished is growth, it began to lighten and brighten into light turquoise blue, giving her a slightly punky look. Faint, bluish eyeliner and light pink lipstick completed her look.
      As Mike walked, her mind altered. Gone was the nervous, twitchy, hopeless older man she had been moments ago. This new girl, Micki, was firecracker, full of spunk, energy and bravado. Her walk changed into a confident, feminine sway as she heard the bell ring, dismissing school. New memories and interests filled her head as she swung the school's front door open and strode down the school hallway. She was suddenly aware that she was a rocker, and a pretty bitchin' bass player. She gained memories of boys and dates as her sexuality shifted. Her old life remained with her, but she brushed it aside like a dream. She was a whole new person now and it felt awesome! She walked past shy freshmen gathering up their things and giggled in spite of herself. Finally, she rounded a few more corners to the senior hallway and spotted who she was looking for.
      The boy clearing out his locker for the day was Trent Morgan. Micki remembered him from her old life teaching. He sang and played guitar for a band. He was tall, broad-shouldered and handsome. Micki remembered him being smart, if a bit of a slacker, and an all around descent guy.
      She walked up to him and touched his wrist. As the boy turned around, she pulled him into a kiss. Trent seemed taken aback by it, but slowly settled into it as she realized how hot this apparent stranger was. After a moment, they released.
      "Uhm...hi?" Trent said, perplexed. With a half-laugh, he added, "I didn't get your..."
      "Micki." She said cutting him off. "And I'd like to go out with you sometime."
      "Erm, yeah...I'm, uh, free tomorrow night." He stammered, still trying to collect himself. "Are you free tomorrow night?"
      She nodded and grabbed his hand, scribbling an address on it. "Pick me up at seven?"
      "Uh, yeah...Sure." Trent answered in disbelief of his own luck.
      "Cool." She said, giving him a wink. "I'm lookin' forward to it."
      Trent just stared in surprise as she walked off. "Wow...okay then."
      The Blob saw none of this, but he knew it would happen. This color, after all, had an electric quality to it. So it was no surprise that once revitalized, Micki was quite spunky. Now, though, it was time to move to a new location. And a new color. The Blob slid off through the shadows until it found a nice pool in someone's backyard. It dropped in just long enough to rinse the blue out of its gelatinous body, and slid away, clear and transparent once more. As it moved, it noticed the grass underneath it...or rather the vibrant green color of the grass.
      The Blob broke into a wide grin. It had found its next project.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Blob 2: They Call Me Mellow...

This is the second entry in The Blob series. I have one more after this, and then I plan to continue it and work on some material exclusive to this blog and all of you kindly enough to read it. For now though, enjoy the story.

Blob 2: They Call Me Mellow...

      The Blob had enjoyed its first night on this new world. It had added some red to it and made some very miserable, dull people into colorful, vibrant characters. But the night passed and by daybreak, it realized that things were even worse here than he thought.
      Daybreak brought the 8 AM work crowd. To and fro, The Blob watched from the roof of a bank as the bustling downtown area filled with shoppers and commuters. They wore suits and shirts and ties. Boring things, The Blob decided. This place needed more help than it might be able to give, it thought. There were simply too many of them. Still, it thought as it looked across the landscape, there had to be some especially needy people it could find amongst the crowds. But first, it needed a color. The city was made of the most drab of colors. Black alabaster. White marble. Grey granite. There was nothing interesting about these. Nothing it could use.
      But as it scanned the area, a bright beacon of life sprung from the wasteland of blacks and grays. Jutting from the side of a nearby office building was a bright yellow jib crane. The Blob grinned a mischievous grin as it slithered across the bank and hopped over to the wall of the building. Being transparent allowed it to move without being noticed. The rain from the night before had long ceased, but it had left everything wet. It was nearly invisible as it moved.
      At long last, The Blob reached the crane. Reaching out, it slithered across it absorbing the bright color. A plane hunk of metal stood in its place. The Blob extended a small appendage to examine its new color. It was bright. Something about it gave off a kind It could use that when it started to "paint" people. It was lively. Fun. Happy. Simple. Yes, this would be a great color, it decided. Now all it needed was a canvas.
      It didn't take long to find one either. The lot behind the building hosted a significant construction project. Men in hard hats with heavy tools banged away at something that looked to be the early part of a foundation. All around, equipment painted in the beautiful yellow it now wore moved and sorted the land. Most of the men wore simple clothing. Denim jeans, white shirts, heavy boots and other various construction gear. But one man stood out to The Blob. This man was dressed in a black suit with a red tie, and wore a hard hat over his black hair. He appeared to be in his late 30s or early 40s and was younger than many of the men doing the actual labor. He stood to the side of the construction, largely out of the way. And he was screaming.
      On the ground...
      "Come on, pick up the pace!" Harry yelled, red in the face. "We're already 7 days behind schedule."
      As one of his men, and younger kid named Harlen, started to slip toward the makeshift break area, he turned to him.
      "Harlen, what the hell do you think you're doing?" Harry yelled. "You don't get to have a break until that pipe's been completely laid."
      "I just wanted some water," The young man said. "I've been out here since dawn and haven't even had a drink yet."
      "You break when I say you break!" He replied. "Now get your lazy ass back to work before I can you completely."
      "Unbelievable", Harry thought. Already a week behind schedule and these loafers wanted to take breaks. He should fire every single one of them. What these dimwitted laborers didn't understand, and what he did, was that time was money, and he'd be damned if he let his prized project be finished so late.
      Harry was just about to go yell at the lazy riveters working on the support frame when a torrent of yellow paint splashed down onto him. He opened his mouth to scream at the fool who had drenched him when he changed in an instant.
      First, he shrank. He dropped from 6 foot 4 to something almost a foot shorter than that. Hair exploded from under his hard hat in a painful way that almost blew it off his head. As it whipped around him, he could see that it was a golden blond. His black pants fused together and traveled swiftly up his legs, forming into a yellow, shiny miniskirt. Underneath it, his legs grew into long, beautiful, hairless ones that seemed to stretch for miles in gentle curves. His rear end expanded into a pert bubble butt that only served to push the skirt further up so that it barely covered his new protrusion. On his front end, an anatomical change swiftly occurred to insure that "he" was no longer a "he" at all.
      The former man's shirt shrank up and down his body, loosing its buttons as it merged into a single cotton entity. The new shirt climbed up, exposing a flat, feminine midriff and slim waist before it changed from a shirt to a white tube top with the words "New Girlz" on it in light yellow print. Underneath it, two C-cup breasts expanded, stopping an inch or two shy of peeking out of the top. Her arms grew from firm, muscled male ones into the thin, delicate hairless ones of a woman. Her hands grew small and dainty as her fingernails grew out slightly, taking on painting that matched her yellow skirt. Her shoes shrank into matching yellow pumps and her hardhat formed a sun-visor of the same color leaving her light blond, waist length, curly hair to fall freely. Age drained from her as her skin firmed, leaving her a youthful 24 years old.
      In her head, bigger changes were taking place. All of the anger that made Harry bubbled up and vanished, leaving a perky, energetic sense of happiness. Her years of business school disappeared from her mind, taking a significant portion of her intelligence with them. Her thoughts became simpler and easier to manage. No, she didn't go to business school or anything. That was totally hard! Besides, she was, like, rich anyway. She went to community college to learn how to do hair, and that's where she met her BF Harlen. He was soooo cute. And he worked construction, which was totally hot!
      Harriet had opened her mouth to yell, but in the instant the changes washed over her, she ended up shouting "Hey baby!" in her cute, bubbly voice.
      The Blob watched from a distance as the former gruff manager approached Harlen, who had watched his former boss's changes in shock. The hot blond strutted to him and wrapped her arms around him, drawing him into a deep, very surprised kiss. The Blob could see him try to resist, but in a few moments, it knew it would this would feel natural to the young man. It smiled and traveled on, looking for a new life to spruce up.
      It slunk along the side of a multi-story gym as a yellow trail was left in its path. Deciding that this might draw unwanted attention, it simply turned itself on the gym. In a few moments, the entire building had turned yellow. Inside, patrons became younger and sexier, though not necessarily fitter. A 40 year old woman on a treadmill suddenly found herself youthened into a busty blond half her original age. She dialed down the speed of her treadmill, slowing the heavy exercise to give the young man behind her a better view of her new shapely butt, now clad in tiny, yellow cotton shorts. A man lifting weights with his best friend transformed into a cute, short blond with big boobs framed in a yellow sports bra. She giggled and hung on to her now even hotter boyfriend's arm, dragging him off to the showers for some private time. The 16 year old boy who manned the smoothie counter found himself changed as well. He had been counting out the money, angry about getting stiffed on a tip when the yellow wave washed over him. The new bubbly 18 year old left in his place found that while it was hard to count up all the big numbers all of a sudden, her new curves would insure that she always got a healthy tip.
      The Blob, meanwhile, rolled on, blissfully unaware of the chaos it'd unleashed in changing the gym. Coming to a halt near an outdoor cafe, it spotted a couple sitting at a table. They both looked to be in their 30s. The man was a tall, skinny figure wearing a suit jacket over a blue dress shirt without a tie. She was a brunette with her hair tied in a bun in a smart, gray business suit. It stopped and listened, flattening across a flower bed to avoid attention.
      In the cafe...
      Ben let loose a sigh. Boy was he tired of having this conversation. He loves his wife very much, but this thing was going to drive a wedge between them.
      "Look, I'm not saying I don't want kids." He said. "I just don't think we have the money to support one right now."
      The truth was that while they were perfectly financially capable, Ben wasn't yet ready to give up their life together. The ability to do things. The thought of a child made him feel trapped and constricted.
      "We've been married for 5 years. You just got a big promotion." His wife Susan argued. "I think it's time we started trying, y'know. Looking into some options."
      "No." Ben responded flatly. "Color me uninterested."
      That gave The Blob, who had been listening with interest, an idea.
      Two splashes of paint flew out, hitting Ben first. Ben's hair turned blond and long, falling in perfectly styled waves to his shoulders. His jacket vanished and his shirt turned a bright canary yellow as it merged with his pants. Underneath, his body shifted and changed. His waist sucked into a perfect hourglass while his chest sprouted healthy D-cup breasts. Ben's legs became slender and feminine, though most of them remained hidden under his pants which had stopped rising at his knees. His male organ disappeared as his arms grew feminine and dainty. Overall, Ben shrunk a few inches. His face became that of a lovely woman's; not overly sexy or youthfully cute, but pretty in an elegant adult manner. When it was done, a beautiful woman, likely a few years younger than she started, had replaced Ben at the table. She wore a sensible, yet pretty sundress that was white with yellow flowers printed on it. She looked down at herself in shock.
      Sarah watched her husbands transformation in horror, but had barely any time to register it before she too was hit by a splash of yellow paint. Her changes were almost as dramatic.
      "Sarah!" Ben cried out in her new voice.
      Sarah began to shrink rapidly. Her breasts shrank into her chest and her butt had begun to flatten. Her clothes had shifted from a business suit to a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Her hair dropped from its bun and changed into a ponytail with bangs framing her pretty face. Ben recognized it as the cut she wore in high school and realized that his wife now looked like a teenager. She gasped as Sarah continued her decent. Her budding teen curves flattened out into the figure of a child as her age sank passed puberty. Her t-shirt shrank into a pale yellow tank top with pink flowers on it and her jeans turned into a pair of young girls shorts. Her hair released from the ponytail, falling to her tiny shoulders in strait, reddish blond strands. As she grew younger still, her face and body became slightly softer as the last traces of baby fat made their mark on her. At last, she stopped shrinking, leaving her no more than 7 years old.
      Ben looked at Sarah, and her back as new minds settled into new forms. The loving connection that existed between the two remained, but changed. Ben's idea of a good time shifted from steamy romance films, road trips and poker nights to watching cartoon films, trips to park and playing board games with this child in front of her. Her yearning for freedom was replaced in whole by a protective, tenderly devoted instinct that this child was the best part of the world. Sarah, for her part, found all of her years of adult memories, eduction and womanly instinct slipping quickly form her mind. In its place was the whimsy, curiosity and energy of a child. Both the woman and the girl found their attitudes become bright and cheerfully optimistic. Ben became perkier and more child like herself.
      "What's so weird?" Bets thought, "It's just my daughter. Same as always."
      "Mommy, can we go to the zoo?" Sarah asked.
      "Sure thing, sweetie!" Bets answered with a smile.
      She took the little girl's hand and the two strolled off toward the zoo. This was her world now, Bets thought, and she wouldn't trade her little girl for anything.
      The Blob chuckled, very pleased with itself. This color was happy and energetic, like youth was. Making Sarah young, and Ben a little more young at heart worked perfectly. It watched the happy pair depart, but soon found its attention drawn to another duo walking down the sidewalk. This time, it was two women. One was an older red haired woman in her forties or fifties. She wore a purple dress and had her frizzled, slightly graying hair in a bob. She looked tired now, but the Bob could tell that she was probably quite pretty in her prime. With her was a teenage girl, probably 17 or 18. She was also very good looking, and wore what appeared to be a high school cheer uniform colored red and white.
      So, yeah....
      Margaret was having a bad day. Every day with her daughter was a bad day anymore.
      "I don't want to go to some stupid psychologist." Her daughter Lisa snapped. "Seriously, Mom, I'm missing cheer practice for this stupid crap."
      Margaret sighed. Her and Lisa had never gotten along, but it had only been made worse when her husband Paul died. She was always such a daddy's girl and had never been anything but rude to her. Though he'd left the two of them very well off financially, the amount of time they were forced to spend together was not healthy for either of them. Trying to raise Lisa by herself was going to be the death of her, and every day felt like a new uphill battle.
      "We're going. You have to learn to be able to live with me now. We're the only family we have." Margaret reminded her wearily, as though she'd had this conversation several times already.
      "Whatever." Lisa huffed. "Gawd, I can't wait to move out. You're such a bitch."
      Margaret yelled back, "You are so spoiled. I never do anything but take care look out for you and this is how you treat me."
      The Blob watched the tussle from a distance and decided to intervene. It seemed like Margret needed a break from this kind of life. It threw a splash of paint at the older woman.
      The yellow washed over her. As soon as it hit, she began to look healthier. Her posture straitened and her skin tightened and free itself of blemishes. She took on a peaches and cream skin tone as she began to shrink 3 or 4 inches to a height of 5'7"; eye level with her daughter. Her hair regained its color and then lightened from auburn to a light red as it grew from a short bob to her butt in strait strands. That butt perked up significantly as did her breasts. No longer sagging with age, they perked up in young firmness before growing two sizes to a nice D. Her, legs lengthened and toned, gaining a new found strength. She grew younger and younger, racing into her healthy 30s and vibrant 20s before coming to a stop at 16. Her clothes changed last. Her dress shrank up her legs until the skirt was a pleated micro, barely covering her shapelier rear. The shoulders shrank away and vanished as the top of the outfit dipped to show her cleavage. Her daughter's high school emblem emblazoned itself on its right breast as it completed its change into a mirror of her daughter's cheer uniform; albeit smaller, sexier and colored yellow with white accents instead of white with red ones. Her stockings thickened and shrank halfway down her thigh as they turned into white and yellow socks, and her conservative loafers transformed into a white tennis shoes with yellow colorings. Finally, her long hair did itself in a ponytail.
      Margret gasped as the changes flowed into her brain. The weight of the world was taken off of her as her interest shifted to boys, school and clothes. She felt a carefree tide sweep over her mind. The kind that made it easier to enjoy life without complicating it with needless distractions. She was a queen bee now, charismatic and cheerful. She was hot too, and got all the boys. She did not forget her old life, but rather kept it as a part of her. It was a pretty good life, but it had been hard to be a business woman and a mother, and it had basically stopped being good when Paul died anyway. This time, she'd just take it easy and enjoy herself for a change.
      "Mom?!" Lisa asked, shocked at the transformation of the girl in front of her.
      "Yeah, but you should call me Maggie now." She responded, grinning.
      "Ohmigod!" She said. "What are we gonna do?!"
      "Party!" Maggie replied with a smile, "We're super loaded, so let's just have some fun."
      "But...but..." Lisa stammered. "You can't just be a kid!"
      "Can and am, sis." She corrected. "Now let's, get some clothes. I can't wear all that frumpy old lady stuff."
      Lisa just watched in shock, knowing that she'd have to find a way to compete with her new sister. At least she still had her grades...
      The Blob, meanwhile, yawned. It had been a fun morning, but it had more to do. More colors to play with. It slid off onto a company lawn, leaving a yellow trail on the grass behind it. It found a sprinkler and set next to it until the color washed out and it returned to its transparent state. Then, it smiled and left, in search of its next color.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Blob: Paint the Town

A while back, a game came out called De Blob. I never played it myself, but the commercial featured a dull looking woman walking along a sidewalk before being hit by the game's titular character. He was colored red, and when it was done, she'd been turned into a party girl in a red dress. So on the Process Productions forum, I took up a challenge to write a story based on that concept, in which the game's character transforms random people with colors and their associations. So I started doing a series that has taken on a life of its own. Here's the first entry of 4 that have been written so far.

The Blob 1: Paint the Town...

by Bigmouthstrikes
      Experts say the meteorite, which landed in a vacant lot earlier this afternoon, is totally harmless and has caused no damage.
      Jane yawned and rolled over on her couch. The news wasn't interesting tonight, but she listened to it anyway. It was important, she thought, to stay on top of the world, but it didn't make her any less restless tonight.
      She sat up, and readjusted her glasses as she did. It was Thursday. She was bored. She'd be bored on Friday and Saturday too, just before she'd be bored on Sunday and go into work bored on Monday.
      But she didn't mind.
      Local authorities are combing the area for signs of radioactivity, but so far assure local inhabitants that everything is safe.
      Jane yawned again and shut off the TV. She stood up, stretched and walked across her small apartment to the washing machine tucked into the closet.
      It was shapeless and colorless as it slunk along the ground. It slithered between points in the rain so that no passersby could see it. It did not know how it reached this strange world from it's own. It did not know where this new world was.
      He just knew that it was boring. Dark and drab and colorless and boooooring. Nothing in this world had color or life. Well, luckily for this world, it had landed here, and it was about to splice it up. It looked around the street. It was dark. Black. Everything was painted white or gray or black. Ugh.
      And then he saw something. Standing out of the dull street corner was a small, bright metal object. And it was red. Bright, beautiful, vibrant red. Anyone paying attention would notice that some of the transparent rain flowing across the ground grow a great white smile. The water, and the thing in it, flowed up to the fire hydrant and wrapped itself around it. Within seconds, a bright red blob, now clearly visible slunk off of it leaving a dull gray fire hydrant.
      The Blob looked back at where it had traveled. The rain flowing through the streets was starting to wash its color off, leaving a red flow behind it. The Blob grunted, troubled by this, and moved to make its way to the nearest dry wall. It crawled up, glad to be free of the rain.
      As it climbed, The Blob noticed that there were windows on its route. It crept over a frame and peered into one. It was dark. It moved up again to the next one, peering in it. A TV was running, and some boring looking woman on it in a suit was talking. Nothing it could do anything about though. So upward it climbed again, and this time, the window was glowing with light.
      The Blob looked in. Inside stood a woman. A dull, lame looking woman. The woman was kind of short. Only about 5 foot 5 or so. She had short, brown hair and a pair of square framed glasses. Her face was okay, but kinda plain, The Blob judged. She was slightly pudgy and boring. No real features to speak of. Everything about her was kind of flat. Even her clothes; a white tank top and dark blue pair of sweatpants. Nothing interesting at all.
      The Blob smiled once more.
      Jane carried a load of clothes in from her dryer. They were clean and dry. It made her dully satisfied. One less thing to do. She plopped down on her sofa and started to sort through them to fold.
      She had just started to go through the socks when a sound drew her attention. It was a...squishy noise. And it was coming from behind her. Her first thought was that her windows were leaking in water. She jumped up and spun backward, and as she did, saw that a strange red goop was forcing itself through the window. It was blood!
      She opened her mouth to scream, but before she could it jumped up and muffled her cry. The charged through in full form now, looking somewhat cartoonish as it did so. Still shouting out in vain, she struggled as the red substance oozed over her. It spread across her inching its way from her stomach down to her feet, slowly encasing her body in a red ooze. She screamed and struggled, but to no avail.
      As she thrashed and cried her muffled cries, the skintight ooze was...moving. First, she felt it stretching, and she realized that as it went, the room around her was growing slightly smaller. Her legs felt more and more constricted, and as she looked down, she could see that they had grown curvier, thinner and shapelier. They were longer too, explaining her new height. The pressure then shifted to her butt, which felt like it was being yanked out. She turned, as much as she could, to see it, and saw it out of the corner of her eye. She couldn't normally do that.
      By now, her struggling had given way to curiosity. Her change, and the goop causing it, didn't seem to bother her anymore.
      "What next?" She thought.
      As she looked down, The Blob answered her question for her. Her stomach, which bulged slightly, shrunk back and flattened. She rubbed its outline, which was now vividly displayed by the skintight creature. Her arms were next to, gaining enough length to match her new height while thinning and becoming slender. Her hands outstretched, she watched them become smaller and daintier. Her normally chewed of nails extended into fully manicured ones she instinctively knew were painted red.
      By the time The Blob had moved to her head, her screams and struggles had turned into sensuous moans. She wasn't afraid of what was happening anymore. She LOVED it. She let a muffled gasp of pleasure as she felt it tug softly on her hair. It pulled gently and she felt it go down and down and down her back, styling itself as it went, though she couldn't tell how far it went. She couldn't see it, but she could feel The Blob reshape her face, thinning it as it went. Lastly, she felt her chest swell and push forward into large, proud breasts as she ran her hands across her new figure. Finally, it let go, and began sliding down her body.
      The Blob pulled off of her to admire its handiwork. The woman had gone from pudgy and boring to fiery and gorgeous. Long toned legs and dainty feet rested on dainty feet in black heels. Her drab sweatpants were now an ass hugging pair of dark red hotpants that showed just a hint of her new curve. Her flat tummy and trim waist was left slightly exposed, framed between her new sexy shorts and a red tank top that drooped low to show her new impressive cleavage. Her hair and lengthened in waves to the small of her back changing from a dull brown to a rich, shiny chocolate color. Her skin had darkened into a healthy tan, and all of the blemishes on it were gone. Her face was now a sexier, prettier version of itself, though she could clearly be recognized as the girl she was before it found her. It smiled at her, knowing that her rocking, colorful form wasn't all that had changed.
      Jane, for her part, was thrilled. With a sexy sway, she walked toward The Blob. She knelt before it, running her hand over it.
      "Thanks, little guy." She said in a sultry, husky voice. Standing up, she strutted to her purse.
      "This purse is kinda dull, don't you think?" She asked it. "Think you can do something about that?"
      The Blob grinned and wrapped itself around it. She watched as the large purse, almost a book bag, shrunk and changed into a small black number that matcher he heels.
      "Good boy." She purred, slinging it over her shoulder. She looked around her apartment for a moment.
      "What a dump." She thought. "What am I doing here when it's Thirsty Thursday?"
      She strutted out the door, determined to hit a club. So what if she had to work tomorrow. All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl, right? And forget work tomorrow. That was such a drag. A perfect 10 like her should be strutting it on a runway, posed on some teenager's wall, or at the very least showing off her stuff in a bar somewhere where she could meet a cute boy. No more dull, boring Plain Jane. From now on she was having FUN!
      The Blob smiled as it watched its work leave. After bouncing around the room and spicing the place up a bit, it decided that it would see what else it could find. The Blob crawled under the door. flattening itself as it went. It rolled through the narrow hallway, leaving a trail of red paint in its wake. Finally, it came upon an open door. Slowly, it peeked around the frame.
      Inside sat a boy and a girl, both scrawny looking teenagers. They were both dressed in some boring dark blue uniforms that obviously belonged to the same school. The girl wore a pair of loafers, neat hose and a long skirt that hung below her knees and patterned a dark blue and green plaid. The Blob could see skin covered hose underneath it. Her hair was short and sandy blond in color, and done up in a very drab ponytail. A button up, white dress shirt with a small striped tie adorned her torso. The boy wore dress shoes, pants and his school blazer over a shirt and tie and he could see that the girl's blazer was currently draped over a chair. He had short, messy black hair and glasses. The girl was up at a nearby counter, putting some coffee together while the boy set opposite that chair in front of a large pile of books and papers.
      The Blob had decided that this study session needed to be interrupted. As the girl returned with a cup of the beverage and sat across from the boy, The Blob made its move and crawled into the room, ready to approach the two young study buddies. As he moved, the girl looked up and shrieked.
      "Oh my god! The floor!" She cried, freezing in place.
      "Is that...blood?" the boy said fearfully, popping up from his seat.
      This was tricky, The Blob thought. There were two of them, and he certainly couldn't do them as casually as he had the last girl. This could be trouble. Fearing not, though, he threw out two red balls of his "paint", splashing both with color.
      Immediately the two changed. The girl's shoes spiked up into a heels. Her knee length skirt rose rapidly up her body until is covered only 1/3 of her thighs, revealing long, sleek, shapely legs as it went. It was now red and green plaid instead of that dull blue color. Those were all covered in sheer white stockings, and a garter that had formed of her plain, boring pantyhose. Her ass swelled under the skirt as her plain white panties changed into a red thong that stuck through the top of the now micro-skirt. Her blouse pulled itself into a knot that tied together between two enlarged breasts, exposing a trim, shapely waist and the deep cleavage of her expanded bosom. The changes made their way up her neck as her face became sexier, her lips fuller and her makeup livlier. Finally, her hair flew out of its ponytail and cascaded down to her shapely rear in strait, crimson strands. She was now a sexy schoolgirl clad in red and gasping at her changed form.
      The boy went through some changes of his own. His dress shoes disappeared, leaving large feet bare on the floor. His dress khakis darkened to a deep black and transformed into a pair of jeans as his legs grew longer and thick with muscle. His shirt turned red and shrank down on his frame until it was a tight fitting muscle shirt. His arms bulged with new strength as his hands became large and masculine. His soft face sharpened into one that could be described as "chiseled", and his shaggy black hair darkened and slicked backward. Finally, a 5 o'clock shadow grew across his once babe like face.
      It had taken only seconds for them to change. The two transformed students looked at each other as their minds glossed over the fact that they hadn't always been this way. The admiration the two had for one another's forms turned into lust in moments, and the flung themselves at each other, sending books and paper scattering. In moments, they where making out violently against the counter. The Blob giggled and shut the door to give the new couple some privacy.
      The Blob began to make its way out of the building, a trail of red following it where it went. As it reached the door to leave, it noticed that the rain wasn't coming down any longer. This pleased it, but it clung close to the building and into an alley to avoid attention all the same. As it rolled through the dirty, garbage ridden alley behind the apartment, it heard a scuffle and decided to investigate.
      As it peeked around another corner, The Blob saw a man and a woman who both looked very angry. She was a portly blond woman with long hair in a white waitress's uniform and he an overweight, balding main in a wife beater and track pants.
      "I swear to God, Mary, if you've been stealing from me, I'll fire your ass in heartbeat." Yelled the man
      "I wasn't stealing from you, goddammit!" The woman cursed. "You just miscounted."
      The two continued to yell about money and trust. The Blob didn't care about any of this. It knew what the real problem was; lack of color. Just as it did with the students, it endeavored to change this. The arguing pair wasn't even paying attention to The Blob as it threw it shot paint all over them.
      Both of the squabblers stopped instantly as the paint washed over them. Both of them lost some height, shrinking down to 5'3. Their legs both became smooth and slender. Both found weight dropping off them dramatically as their tummies sucked into a flat, curvy waists. The wide rears shrank into a pert heart, heart shaped bottoms. "Carl" found himself a herself as a once important organ sucked into his body and changed into another. Large breasts heaved out of both victims as their pudgy arms became long and feminine, ending in pink painted nails. Both of the new girls found bright blond haircuts framing their pretty faces. Their clothes morphed into a small tube dresses that showed off their new bust and only barely covered their cute bottoms. Their shoes completed the change, spiking up into red pumps.
      The two identical twin girls stared in shock at their mirrored changes before the one that had once been Carl let loose a giggle.
      "Like, what were we talkin' about, Mari?"
      "I don't remember, Cari." The girl echoed. "But the clubs are totally gonna close in a couple hours, so we gotta get movin!"
      With a giggle, Cari took Mari's hand and the two headed out. They where hot and each had the best wing girl in the world. If they played it right, and played with each other right, they'd easily take guys home with them tonight. The two sauntered off telling reminiscing their sisterly exploits as they went.
      The Blob watched, amused by its work. It was a good night, it decided. And it liked this planet after all. But it had more color to bring, and more people to bring it to, and he had done just about enough with red. It crawled over to a large puddle of water and waded in. Moments later, the puddle was read, and blob clear, ready to go find a new color with which to paint the world to its liking.