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The Blob 2: They Call Me Mellow...

This is the second entry in The Blob series. I have one more after this, and then I plan to continue it and work on some material exclusive to this blog and all of you kindly enough to read it. For now though, enjoy the story.

Blob 2: They Call Me Mellow...

      The Blob had enjoyed its first night on this new world. It had added some red to it and made some very miserable, dull people into colorful, vibrant characters. But the night passed and by daybreak, it realized that things were even worse here than he thought.
      Daybreak brought the 8 AM work crowd. To and fro, The Blob watched from the roof of a bank as the bustling downtown area filled with shoppers and commuters. They wore suits and shirts and ties. Boring things, The Blob decided. This place needed more help than it might be able to give, it thought. There were simply too many of them. Still, it thought as it looked across the landscape, there had to be some especially needy people it could find amongst the crowds. But first, it needed a color. The city was made of the most drab of colors. Black alabaster. White marble. Grey granite. There was nothing interesting about these. Nothing it could use.
      But as it scanned the area, a bright beacon of life sprung from the wasteland of blacks and grays. Jutting from the side of a nearby office building was a bright yellow jib crane. The Blob grinned a mischievous grin as it slithered across the bank and hopped over to the wall of the building. Being transparent allowed it to move without being noticed. The rain from the night before had long ceased, but it had left everything wet. It was nearly invisible as it moved.
      At long last, The Blob reached the crane. Reaching out, it slithered across it absorbing the bright color. A plane hunk of metal stood in its place. The Blob extended a small appendage to examine its new color. It was bright. Something about it gave off a kind It could use that when it started to "paint" people. It was lively. Fun. Happy. Simple. Yes, this would be a great color, it decided. Now all it needed was a canvas.
      It didn't take long to find one either. The lot behind the building hosted a significant construction project. Men in hard hats with heavy tools banged away at something that looked to be the early part of a foundation. All around, equipment painted in the beautiful yellow it now wore moved and sorted the land. Most of the men wore simple clothing. Denim jeans, white shirts, heavy boots and other various construction gear. But one man stood out to The Blob. This man was dressed in a black suit with a red tie, and wore a hard hat over his black hair. He appeared to be in his late 30s or early 40s and was younger than many of the men doing the actual labor. He stood to the side of the construction, largely out of the way. And he was screaming.
      On the ground...
      "Come on, pick up the pace!" Harry yelled, red in the face. "We're already 7 days behind schedule."
      As one of his men, and younger kid named Harlen, started to slip toward the makeshift break area, he turned to him.
      "Harlen, what the hell do you think you're doing?" Harry yelled. "You don't get to have a break until that pipe's been completely laid."
      "I just wanted some water," The young man said. "I've been out here since dawn and haven't even had a drink yet."
      "You break when I say you break!" He replied. "Now get your lazy ass back to work before I can you completely."
      "Unbelievable", Harry thought. Already a week behind schedule and these loafers wanted to take breaks. He should fire every single one of them. What these dimwitted laborers didn't understand, and what he did, was that time was money, and he'd be damned if he let his prized project be finished so late.
      Harry was just about to go yell at the lazy riveters working on the support frame when a torrent of yellow paint splashed down onto him. He opened his mouth to scream at the fool who had drenched him when he changed in an instant.
      First, he shrank. He dropped from 6 foot 4 to something almost a foot shorter than that. Hair exploded from under his hard hat in a painful way that almost blew it off his head. As it whipped around him, he could see that it was a golden blond. His black pants fused together and traveled swiftly up his legs, forming into a yellow, shiny miniskirt. Underneath it, his legs grew into long, beautiful, hairless ones that seemed to stretch for miles in gentle curves. His rear end expanded into a pert bubble butt that only served to push the skirt further up so that it barely covered his new protrusion. On his front end, an anatomical change swiftly occurred to insure that "he" was no longer a "he" at all.
      The former man's shirt shrank up and down his body, loosing its buttons as it merged into a single cotton entity. The new shirt climbed up, exposing a flat, feminine midriff and slim waist before it changed from a shirt to a white tube top with the words "New Girlz" on it in light yellow print. Underneath it, two C-cup breasts expanded, stopping an inch or two shy of peeking out of the top. Her arms grew from firm, muscled male ones into the thin, delicate hairless ones of a woman. Her hands grew small and dainty as her fingernails grew out slightly, taking on painting that matched her yellow skirt. Her shoes shrank into matching yellow pumps and her hardhat formed a sun-visor of the same color leaving her light blond, waist length, curly hair to fall freely. Age drained from her as her skin firmed, leaving her a youthful 24 years old.
      In her head, bigger changes were taking place. All of the anger that made Harry bubbled up and vanished, leaving a perky, energetic sense of happiness. Her years of business school disappeared from her mind, taking a significant portion of her intelligence with them. Her thoughts became simpler and easier to manage. No, she didn't go to business school or anything. That was totally hard! Besides, she was, like, rich anyway. She went to community college to learn how to do hair, and that's where she met her BF Harlen. He was soooo cute. And he worked construction, which was totally hot!
      Harriet had opened her mouth to yell, but in the instant the changes washed over her, she ended up shouting "Hey baby!" in her cute, bubbly voice.
      The Blob watched from a distance as the former gruff manager approached Harlen, who had watched his former boss's changes in shock. The hot blond strutted to him and wrapped her arms around him, drawing him into a deep, very surprised kiss. The Blob could see him try to resist, but in a few moments, it knew it would this would feel natural to the young man. It smiled and traveled on, looking for a new life to spruce up.
      It slunk along the side of a multi-story gym as a yellow trail was left in its path. Deciding that this might draw unwanted attention, it simply turned itself on the gym. In a few moments, the entire building had turned yellow. Inside, patrons became younger and sexier, though not necessarily fitter. A 40 year old woman on a treadmill suddenly found herself youthened into a busty blond half her original age. She dialed down the speed of her treadmill, slowing the heavy exercise to give the young man behind her a better view of her new shapely butt, now clad in tiny, yellow cotton shorts. A man lifting weights with his best friend transformed into a cute, short blond with big boobs framed in a yellow sports bra. She giggled and hung on to her now even hotter boyfriend's arm, dragging him off to the showers for some private time. The 16 year old boy who manned the smoothie counter found himself changed as well. He had been counting out the money, angry about getting stiffed on a tip when the yellow wave washed over him. The new bubbly 18 year old left in his place found that while it was hard to count up all the big numbers all of a sudden, her new curves would insure that she always got a healthy tip.
      The Blob, meanwhile, rolled on, blissfully unaware of the chaos it'd unleashed in changing the gym. Coming to a halt near an outdoor cafe, it spotted a couple sitting at a table. They both looked to be in their 30s. The man was a tall, skinny figure wearing a suit jacket over a blue dress shirt without a tie. She was a brunette with her hair tied in a bun in a smart, gray business suit. It stopped and listened, flattening across a flower bed to avoid attention.
      In the cafe...
      Ben let loose a sigh. Boy was he tired of having this conversation. He loves his wife very much, but this thing was going to drive a wedge between them.
      "Look, I'm not saying I don't want kids." He said. "I just don't think we have the money to support one right now."
      The truth was that while they were perfectly financially capable, Ben wasn't yet ready to give up their life together. The ability to do things. The thought of a child made him feel trapped and constricted.
      "We've been married for 5 years. You just got a big promotion." His wife Susan argued. "I think it's time we started trying, y'know. Looking into some options."
      "No." Ben responded flatly. "Color me uninterested."
      That gave The Blob, who had been listening with interest, an idea.
      Two splashes of paint flew out, hitting Ben first. Ben's hair turned blond and long, falling in perfectly styled waves to his shoulders. His jacket vanished and his shirt turned a bright canary yellow as it merged with his pants. Underneath, his body shifted and changed. His waist sucked into a perfect hourglass while his chest sprouted healthy D-cup breasts. Ben's legs became slender and feminine, though most of them remained hidden under his pants which had stopped rising at his knees. His male organ disappeared as his arms grew feminine and dainty. Overall, Ben shrunk a few inches. His face became that of a lovely woman's; not overly sexy or youthfully cute, but pretty in an elegant adult manner. When it was done, a beautiful woman, likely a few years younger than she started, had replaced Ben at the table. She wore a sensible, yet pretty sundress that was white with yellow flowers printed on it. She looked down at herself in shock.
      Sarah watched her husbands transformation in horror, but had barely any time to register it before she too was hit by a splash of yellow paint. Her changes were almost as dramatic.
      "Sarah!" Ben cried out in her new voice.
      Sarah began to shrink rapidly. Her breasts shrank into her chest and her butt had begun to flatten. Her clothes had shifted from a business suit to a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Her hair dropped from its bun and changed into a ponytail with bangs framing her pretty face. Ben recognized it as the cut she wore in high school and realized that his wife now looked like a teenager. She gasped as Sarah continued her decent. Her budding teen curves flattened out into the figure of a child as her age sank passed puberty. Her t-shirt shrank into a pale yellow tank top with pink flowers on it and her jeans turned into a pair of young girls shorts. Her hair released from the ponytail, falling to her tiny shoulders in strait, reddish blond strands. As she grew younger still, her face and body became slightly softer as the last traces of baby fat made their mark on her. At last, she stopped shrinking, leaving her no more than 7 years old.
      Ben looked at Sarah, and her back as new minds settled into new forms. The loving connection that existed between the two remained, but changed. Ben's idea of a good time shifted from steamy romance films, road trips and poker nights to watching cartoon films, trips to park and playing board games with this child in front of her. Her yearning for freedom was replaced in whole by a protective, tenderly devoted instinct that this child was the best part of the world. Sarah, for her part, found all of her years of adult memories, eduction and womanly instinct slipping quickly form her mind. In its place was the whimsy, curiosity and energy of a child. Both the woman and the girl found their attitudes become bright and cheerfully optimistic. Ben became perkier and more child like herself.
      "What's so weird?" Bets thought, "It's just my daughter. Same as always."
      "Mommy, can we go to the zoo?" Sarah asked.
      "Sure thing, sweetie!" Bets answered with a smile.
      She took the little girl's hand and the two strolled off toward the zoo. This was her world now, Bets thought, and she wouldn't trade her little girl for anything.
      The Blob chuckled, very pleased with itself. This color was happy and energetic, like youth was. Making Sarah young, and Ben a little more young at heart worked perfectly. It watched the happy pair depart, but soon found its attention drawn to another duo walking down the sidewalk. This time, it was two women. One was an older red haired woman in her forties or fifties. She wore a purple dress and had her frizzled, slightly graying hair in a bob. She looked tired now, but the Bob could tell that she was probably quite pretty in her prime. With her was a teenage girl, probably 17 or 18. She was also very good looking, and wore what appeared to be a high school cheer uniform colored red and white.
      So, yeah....
      Margaret was having a bad day. Every day with her daughter was a bad day anymore.
      "I don't want to go to some stupid psychologist." Her daughter Lisa snapped. "Seriously, Mom, I'm missing cheer practice for this stupid crap."
      Margaret sighed. Her and Lisa had never gotten along, but it had only been made worse when her husband Paul died. She was always such a daddy's girl and had never been anything but rude to her. Though he'd left the two of them very well off financially, the amount of time they were forced to spend together was not healthy for either of them. Trying to raise Lisa by herself was going to be the death of her, and every day felt like a new uphill battle.
      "We're going. You have to learn to be able to live with me now. We're the only family we have." Margaret reminded her wearily, as though she'd had this conversation several times already.
      "Whatever." Lisa huffed. "Gawd, I can't wait to move out. You're such a bitch."
      Margaret yelled back, "You are so spoiled. I never do anything but take care look out for you and this is how you treat me."
      The Blob watched the tussle from a distance and decided to intervene. It seemed like Margret needed a break from this kind of life. It threw a splash of paint at the older woman.
      The yellow washed over her. As soon as it hit, she began to look healthier. Her posture straitened and her skin tightened and free itself of blemishes. She took on a peaches and cream skin tone as she began to shrink 3 or 4 inches to a height of 5'7"; eye level with her daughter. Her hair regained its color and then lightened from auburn to a light red as it grew from a short bob to her butt in strait strands. That butt perked up significantly as did her breasts. No longer sagging with age, they perked up in young firmness before growing two sizes to a nice D. Her, legs lengthened and toned, gaining a new found strength. She grew younger and younger, racing into her healthy 30s and vibrant 20s before coming to a stop at 16. Her clothes changed last. Her dress shrank up her legs until the skirt was a pleated micro, barely covering her shapelier rear. The shoulders shrank away and vanished as the top of the outfit dipped to show her cleavage. Her daughter's high school emblem emblazoned itself on its right breast as it completed its change into a mirror of her daughter's cheer uniform; albeit smaller, sexier and colored yellow with white accents instead of white with red ones. Her stockings thickened and shrank halfway down her thigh as they turned into white and yellow socks, and her conservative loafers transformed into a white tennis shoes with yellow colorings. Finally, her long hair did itself in a ponytail.
      Margret gasped as the changes flowed into her brain. The weight of the world was taken off of her as her interest shifted to boys, school and clothes. She felt a carefree tide sweep over her mind. The kind that made it easier to enjoy life without complicating it with needless distractions. She was a queen bee now, charismatic and cheerful. She was hot too, and got all the boys. She did not forget her old life, but rather kept it as a part of her. It was a pretty good life, but it had been hard to be a business woman and a mother, and it had basically stopped being good when Paul died anyway. This time, she'd just take it easy and enjoy herself for a change.
      "Mom?!" Lisa asked, shocked at the transformation of the girl in front of her.
      "Yeah, but you should call me Maggie now." She responded, grinning.
      "Ohmigod!" She said. "What are we gonna do?!"
      "Party!" Maggie replied with a smile, "We're super loaded, so let's just have some fun."
      "But...but..." Lisa stammered. "You can't just be a kid!"
      "Can and am, sis." She corrected. "Now let's, get some clothes. I can't wear all that frumpy old lady stuff."
      Lisa just watched in shock, knowing that she'd have to find a way to compete with her new sister. At least she still had her grades...
      The Blob, meanwhile, yawned. It had been a fun morning, but it had more to do. More colors to play with. It slid off onto a company lawn, leaving a yellow trail on the grass behind it. It found a sprinkler and set next to it until the color washed out and it returned to its transparent state. Then, it smiled and left, in search of its next color.

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