Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Blob: Paint the Town

A while back, a game came out called De Blob. I never played it myself, but the commercial featured a dull looking woman walking along a sidewalk before being hit by the game's titular character. He was colored red, and when it was done, she'd been turned into a party girl in a red dress. So on the Process Productions forum, I took up a challenge to write a story based on that concept, in which the game's character transforms random people with colors and their associations. So I started doing a series that has taken on a life of its own. Here's the first entry of 4 that have been written so far.

The Blob 1: Paint the Town...

by Bigmouthstrikes
      Experts say the meteorite, which landed in a vacant lot earlier this afternoon, is totally harmless and has caused no damage.
      Jane yawned and rolled over on her couch. The news wasn't interesting tonight, but she listened to it anyway. It was important, she thought, to stay on top of the world, but it didn't make her any less restless tonight.
      She sat up, and readjusted her glasses as she did. It was Thursday. She was bored. She'd be bored on Friday and Saturday too, just before she'd be bored on Sunday and go into work bored on Monday.
      But she didn't mind.
      Local authorities are combing the area for signs of radioactivity, but so far assure local inhabitants that everything is safe.
      Jane yawned again and shut off the TV. She stood up, stretched and walked across her small apartment to the washing machine tucked into the closet.
      It was shapeless and colorless as it slunk along the ground. It slithered between points in the rain so that no passersby could see it. It did not know how it reached this strange world from it's own. It did not know where this new world was.
      He just knew that it was boring. Dark and drab and colorless and boooooring. Nothing in this world had color or life. Well, luckily for this world, it had landed here, and it was about to splice it up. It looked around the street. It was dark. Black. Everything was painted white or gray or black. Ugh.
      And then he saw something. Standing out of the dull street corner was a small, bright metal object. And it was red. Bright, beautiful, vibrant red. Anyone paying attention would notice that some of the transparent rain flowing across the ground grow a great white smile. The water, and the thing in it, flowed up to the fire hydrant and wrapped itself around it. Within seconds, a bright red blob, now clearly visible slunk off of it leaving a dull gray fire hydrant.
      The Blob looked back at where it had traveled. The rain flowing through the streets was starting to wash its color off, leaving a red flow behind it. The Blob grunted, troubled by this, and moved to make its way to the nearest dry wall. It crawled up, glad to be free of the rain.
      As it climbed, The Blob noticed that there were windows on its route. It crept over a frame and peered into one. It was dark. It moved up again to the next one, peering in it. A TV was running, and some boring looking woman on it in a suit was talking. Nothing it could do anything about though. So upward it climbed again, and this time, the window was glowing with light.
      The Blob looked in. Inside stood a woman. A dull, lame looking woman. The woman was kind of short. Only about 5 foot 5 or so. She had short, brown hair and a pair of square framed glasses. Her face was okay, but kinda plain, The Blob judged. She was slightly pudgy and boring. No real features to speak of. Everything about her was kind of flat. Even her clothes; a white tank top and dark blue pair of sweatpants. Nothing interesting at all.
      The Blob smiled once more.
      Jane carried a load of clothes in from her dryer. They were clean and dry. It made her dully satisfied. One less thing to do. She plopped down on her sofa and started to sort through them to fold.
      She had just started to go through the socks when a sound drew her attention. It was a...squishy noise. And it was coming from behind her. Her first thought was that her windows were leaking in water. She jumped up and spun backward, and as she did, saw that a strange red goop was forcing itself through the window. It was bright...like blood!
      She opened her mouth to scream, but before she could it jumped up and muffled her cry. The charged through in full form now, looking somewhat cartoonish as it did so. Still shouting out in vain, she struggled as the red substance oozed over her. It spread across her inching its way from her stomach down to her feet, slowly encasing her body in a red ooze. She screamed and struggled, but to no avail.
      As she thrashed and cried her muffled cries, the skintight ooze was...moving. First, she felt it stretching, and she realized that as it went, the room around her was growing slightly smaller. Her legs felt more and more constricted, and as she looked down, she could see that they had grown curvier, thinner and shapelier. They were longer too, explaining her new height. The pressure then shifted to her butt, which felt like it was being yanked out. She turned, as much as she could, to see it, and saw it out of the corner of her eye. She couldn't normally do that.
      By now, her struggling had given way to curiosity. Her change, and the goop causing it, didn't seem to bother her anymore.
      "What next?" She thought.
      As she looked down, The Blob answered her question for her. Her stomach, which bulged slightly, shrunk back and flattened. She rubbed its outline, which was now vividly displayed by the skintight creature. Her arms were next to, gaining enough length to match her new height while thinning and becoming slender. Her hands outstretched, she watched them become smaller and daintier. Her normally chewed of nails extended into fully manicured ones she instinctively knew were painted red.
      By the time The Blob had moved to her head, her screams and struggles had turned into sensuous moans. She wasn't afraid of what was happening anymore. She LOVED it. She let a muffled gasp of pleasure as she felt it tug softly on her hair. It pulled gently and she felt it go down and down and down her back, styling itself as it went, though she couldn't tell how far it went. She couldn't see it, but she could feel The Blob reshape her face, thinning it as it went. Lastly, she felt her chest swell and push forward into large, proud breasts as she ran her hands across her new figure. Finally, it let go, and began sliding down her body.
      The Blob pulled off of her to admire its handiwork. The woman had gone from pudgy and boring to fiery and gorgeous. Long toned legs and dainty feet rested on dainty feet in black heels. Her drab sweatpants were now an ass hugging pair of dark red hotpants that showed just a hint of her new curve. Her flat tummy and trim waist was left slightly exposed, framed between her new sexy shorts and a red tank top that drooped low to show her new impressive cleavage. Her hair and lengthened in waves to the small of her back changing from a dull brown to a rich, shiny chocolate color. Her skin had darkened into a healthy tan, and all of the blemishes on it were gone. Her face was now a sexier, prettier version of itself, though she could clearly be recognized as the girl she was before it found her. It smiled at her, knowing that her rocking, colorful form wasn't all that had changed.
      Jane, for her part, was thrilled. With a sexy sway, she walked toward The Blob. She knelt before it, running her hand over it.
      "Thanks, little guy." She said in a sultry, husky voice. Standing up, she strutted to her purse.
      "This purse is kinda dull, don't you think?" She asked it. "Think you can do something about that?"
      The Blob grinned and wrapped itself around it. She watched as the large purse, almost a book bag, shrunk and changed into a small black number that matcher he heels.
      "Good boy." She purred, slinging it over her shoulder. She looked around her apartment for a moment.
      "What a dump." She thought. "What am I doing here when it's Thirsty Thursday?"
      She strutted out the door, determined to hit a club. So what if she had to work tomorrow. All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl, right? And forget work tomorrow. That was such a drag. A perfect 10 like her should be strutting it on a runway, posed on some teenager's wall, or at the very least showing off her stuff in a bar somewhere where she could meet a cute boy. No more dull, boring Plain Jane. From now on she was having FUN!
      The Blob smiled as it watched its work leave. After bouncing around the room and spicing the place up a bit, it decided that it would see what else it could find. The Blob crawled under the door. flattening itself as it went. It rolled through the narrow hallway, leaving a trail of red paint in its wake. Finally, it came upon an open door. Slowly, it peeked around the frame.
      Inside sat a boy and a girl, both scrawny looking teenagers. They were both dressed in some boring dark blue uniforms that obviously belonged to the same school. The girl wore a pair of loafers, neat hose and a long skirt that hung below her knees and patterned a dark blue and green plaid. The Blob could see skin covered hose underneath it. Her hair was short and sandy blond in color, and done up in a very drab ponytail. A button up, white dress shirt with a small striped tie adorned her torso. The boy wore dress shoes, pants and his school blazer over a shirt and tie and he could see that the girl's blazer was currently draped over a chair. He had short, messy black hair and glasses. The girl was up at a nearby counter, putting some coffee together while the boy set opposite that chair in front of a large pile of books and papers.
      The Blob had decided that this study session needed to be interrupted. As the girl returned with a cup of the beverage and sat across from the boy, The Blob made its move and crawled into the room, ready to approach the two young study buddies. As he moved, the girl looked up and shrieked.
      "Oh my god! The floor!" She cried, freezing in place.
      "Is that...blood?" the boy said fearfully, popping up from his seat.
      This was tricky, The Blob thought. There were two of them, and he certainly couldn't do them as casually as he had the last girl. This could be trouble. Fearing not, though, he threw out two red balls of his "paint", splashing both with color.
      Immediately the two changed. The girl's shoes spiked up into a heels. Her knee length skirt rose rapidly up her body until is covered only 1/3 of her thighs, revealing long, sleek, shapely legs as it went. It was now red and green plaid instead of that dull blue color. Those were all covered in sheer white stockings, and a garter that had formed of her plain, boring pantyhose. Her ass swelled under the skirt as her plain white panties changed into a red thong that stuck through the top of the now micro-skirt. Her blouse pulled itself into a knot that tied together between two enlarged breasts, exposing a trim, shapely waist and the deep cleavage of her expanded bosom. The changes made their way up her neck as her face became sexier, her lips fuller and her makeup livlier. Finally, her hair flew out of its ponytail and cascaded down to her shapely rear in strait, crimson strands. She was now a sexy schoolgirl clad in red and gasping at her changed form.
      The boy went through some changes of his own. His dress shoes disappeared, leaving large feet bare on the floor. His dress khakis darkened to a deep black and transformed into a pair of jeans as his legs grew longer and thick with muscle. His shirt turned red and shrank down on his frame until it was a tight fitting muscle shirt. His arms bulged with new strength as his hands became large and masculine. His soft face sharpened into one that could be described as "chiseled", and his shaggy black hair darkened and slicked backward. Finally, a 5 o'clock shadow grew across his once babe like face.
      It had taken only seconds for them to change. The two transformed students looked at each other as their minds glossed over the fact that they hadn't always been this way. The admiration the two had for one another's forms turned into lust in moments, and the flung themselves at each other, sending books and paper scattering. In moments, they where making out violently against the counter. The Blob giggled and shut the door to give the new couple some privacy.
      The Blob began to make its way out of the building, a trail of red following it where it went. As it reached the door to leave, it noticed that the rain wasn't coming down any longer. This pleased it, but it clung close to the building and into an alley to avoid attention all the same. As it rolled through the dirty, garbage ridden alley behind the apartment, it heard a scuffle and decided to investigate.
      As it peeked around another corner, The Blob saw a man and a woman who both looked very angry. She was a portly blond woman with long hair in a white waitress's uniform and he an overweight, balding main in a wife beater and track pants.
      "I swear to God, Mary, if you've been stealing from me, I'll fire your ass in heartbeat." Yelled the man
      "I wasn't stealing from you, goddammit!" The woman cursed. "You just miscounted."
      The two continued to yell about money and trust. The Blob didn't care about any of this. It knew what the real problem was; lack of color. Just as it did with the students, it endeavored to change this. The arguing pair wasn't even paying attention to The Blob as it threw it shot paint all over them.
      Both of the squabblers stopped instantly as the paint washed over them. Both of them lost some height, shrinking down to 5'3. Their legs both became smooth and slender. Both found weight dropping off them dramatically as their tummies sucked into a flat, curvy waists. The wide rears shrank into a pert heart, heart shaped bottoms. "Carl" found himself a herself as a once important organ sucked into his body and changed into another. Large breasts heaved out of both victims as their pudgy arms became long and feminine, ending in pink painted nails. Both of the new girls found bright blond haircuts framing their pretty faces. Their clothes morphed into a small tube dresses that showed off their new bust and only barely covered their cute bottoms. Their shoes completed the change, spiking up into red pumps.
      The two identical twin girls stared in shock at their mirrored changes before the one that had once been Carl let loose a giggle.
      "Like, what were we talkin' about, Mari?"
      "I don't remember, Cari." The girl echoed. "But the clubs are totally gonna close in a couple hours, so we gotta get movin!"
      With a giggle, Cari took Mari's hand and the two headed out. They where hot and each had the best wing girl in the world. If they played it right, and played with each other right, they'd easily take guys home with them tonight. The two sauntered off telling reminiscing their sisterly exploits as they went.
      The Blob watched, amused by its work. It was a good night, it decided. And it liked this planet after all. But it had more color to bring, and more people to bring it to, and he had done just about enough with red. It crawled over to a large puddle of water and waded in. Moments later, the puddle was read, and blob clear, ready to go find a new color with which to paint the world to its liking.

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